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Quantevo values and respects your privacy. Being accustomed to working with professionals in the financial trading industry, we maintain the strictest possible privacy standards on your behalf.


We do not track nor maintain any information of any kind about visitors to our website who have not logged in, nor do we store "cookies" on your computer. If you log into the secure client login area of our website, we only track your login during the course of your session, and then only such as is required to present you with appropriate content while you are logged in.


Payment processing is done only through reputable "household name" third party billing companies by prior mutual agreement, and we do not store online any information related to the transactions, nor credit card or banking-related information of any kind or for any purpose.


We do not share private information, including any information about visitors to our website, with anyone or for any reason, except as may be required by and through exercise of United States or international law.


If you are looking for information on the confidential nature of our business relationships, see our confidentiality policy.